Baby Health Tips – Facts You May Not Know

With the baby recommendations you get from many sources, how will you know which kinds are true and fictitious? This is a guide to assist you.

Babies must be bathed daily

Babies don’t get sweaty around adults. Hence, bathing everyday is pointless. Actually, child health professionals recommend father and mother to bath their infants daily since an infant’s skin area is quite sensitive and excessive contact with soap and drinking water can rob your skin of its natural wetness. Daily sponge baths happen to be okay so long as you moisturize afterwards. Continue reading

Clemyjontri Park – Best Playing Parks For Kids of All Abilities

Clemyjontri Park are known as the most unique playground designed for multiple abilities kids who can play side by side with each other. The main feature of this park is there are also disable kids who have any developmental disabilities and using the wheelchairs. Which is also the main cause for the popularity of this park.


Features of Clemyjontri Park

Wheelchair Friendly Park

The playground have different ramps and other safety products to assure the safety of the disable person. So it’s a wheelchair friendly park where disable kids can play with normal kids with safety. Continue reading

Baby Care Tips – Things You Want To Know For Newborn Baby Care

Every new mom is browsing for the ultimate way to look after their infants and grow them in a wholesome and safe way. They take every likely measure to guarantee the comfort and safeness of their baby. Health is vital for each individual and health care is important for babies because they are extremely delicate and incredibly easily vulnerable to infections. Below are a few tips that will assist them in looking after their babies.


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The Benefits of kids Outdoor Activity In Park

Remember playing outside? Bear in mind the frustration you experienced whenever your mom made you get back and research your options? Today with our kids, we find it more challenging to encourage them to go outdoors and breathe some much needed oxygen. The common kid spends only thirty minutes in unstructured outdoor play park every day, and more than seven hours each full day in front of an electronic screen.

As parents, we realize that an insufficient physical activity may take a toll on a child’s physical, emotional and mental well-being. So let’s get our children up and moving to obtain daily dose of park’s outdoor activity. It’s up to father and mother showing children that standard outdoor activity and parks will not only be healthy, but lots of fun.

Choose the Best Spot


With upcoming warm weather, now it could be the optimum time to motivate your kids to place down their video gaming and iPhones to invest a little time bathing in some vitamin D! Continue reading

Car battery: Top 5 best car batteries

Starting a car is closely related to the presence and the power supply of different electrical or electronic components. The batteries used by cars are usually lead batteries and named starter batteries.

Car Battery Origin

The appearance of the first rechargeable battery is made possible in 1859 thanks to the French Plante. One could use the time to batteries housed in glass tanks. Improvements will occur over time with the use of plastic tanks that merit more resilient to shocks. The days pass and there is more need to redo the liquid level of the batteries because of the leading role played by more and more maintenance-free batteries. These are supplied with sealed plugs. Today, the rate of use of lead in production battery car becomes increasingly high, reaching over 99% of the tonnage of batteries used in the automotive industry in 2010. Composed of 3 elements of 2 volts each or 6 volts, car batteries today consist of 6 elements of 2 volts or 12 volts each.

Description of the 5 best car batteries

Battery Fulmen FB740

The Fulmen FB740 is a battery car battery compatible with many models like the Volkswagen Golf III, the Renault Espace II, the Audi A3 Sportback or the Citroen Berlingo. This is a powerful battery of 12V and 74Ah. Using open lead in technology, it maintains great loads while being very durable. For polarity, the positive terminal is on the right. Regarding the weight, it weighs less than 18kg for size 27,8cm x 17.5cm x 19cm. It’s the perfect battery for diesel sedan with a starting current of 680A, which always makes a start like clockwork. Continue reading

Children and Parks – Best Outdoor Park Activities for Your Children

Planning of the outdoor activities for kids could be fun and convenient. It help you for the advancement and better mental health. There are variety of outdoor actives that can be done in parks or at your backyard.

Each kids have their own preference some of them like to ride and some of them try to play some action games. With the innovation of technology there are variety of video games available which are the hot favorite for the kids. Most of the kids spent a lot of time in front of Screens which is really harmful for the children.

For controlling over these video game phobia and to improve the mental health of the kids you may need outdoor park activity. The planned activities that you may participate in outdoors are the following:

Playing Dodge Ball

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