Avoid scams when repairing your car: tips for choosing the best workshop

The proliferation during the crisis of so-called illegal workshops has become a problem for the sector of car repairs but also for users, unprotected against defective services.
But you do not know what to do even if you have the best air impact wrenchWhat should, therefore, be considered for a repair of your car with the full warranty? These are the ten recommendations

1. The plate-distinctive, trust at first sight

If no plate-badge in a visible place on the facade of the workshop, suspect. The act requires the workshops to have and show clearly and visibly proper identification showing that this is an authorized workshop, which should record their identification number in the industrial registration and activity.

2. The specialty to prevent further damage

Look closely at the specialty (mechanical, electrical, bodywork, painting …) workshop. Not all workshops are prepared and authorized to perform all operations. If a workshop is offered to perform a repair of an activity which is not registered, very careful because the cure may be worse than the disease, and in this case, breakdowns, be more severe. Continue reading

Dehydrators, a new kitchen utensil

Dehydrated provide a concentrated source of nutrition and allow a varied cuisine if temperatures do not exceed 38-45º C. Dehydration is to remove water from a food. Hence, one of its main uses has been the preservation of food. Dehydrated also provide a concentrated source of nutrition and allow a varied and creative cuisine if temperatures do not exceed 38-45º C. It can dehydrate vegetables, fruits, oil, herbs and spices. Time to dehydrate is long in order to meet the demands of temperatures.


A food dehydrator leads to the ancient practice of drying food to extend shelf life and preserve the freshness and simplifies it for modern times. Food dehydrators work best in foods that have a high percentage of water and are low in fat, such as fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. Owning a dehydrator means you can buy items in bulk and store them for long periods of time Continue reading

New-born baby caring tips


Girls can some menstrual-like blood separating the first days after birth. The pubic lips are sometimes swollen. In boys, the ball sacks can be increased. Both boys and girls are born with swollen breasts where some milk can come out. This is all caused by maternal hormones that ended shortly before the birth of the baby’s bloodstream. Some boys are the balls not descended. As a rule, all of which is done in the uterus, at the end of the pregnancy, or shortly after birth Continue reading

Tips for buying appliances

Nothing is healthier for you and your baby than a walk in the open air! But what stroller you choose? A stroller is a very complex product. When folded, it must take as little space as possible and are easy to store in the trunk of your car or the hallway of your house. But when unfolded and in use you want the stroller to offers maximum comfort for you and your baby. You will understand that this is technically a chore! Fortunately, with advanced technology nowadays of leading brands, there is plenty of choices. So, how to choose the best travel system strollers.


See the catalog

Before you make a choice, it is useful to find out what are your needs and what features of the prams have where you know you dropped purposes. Do not be fooled by appearance or just a bargain. The small, lightweight stroller that you liked so much in the first place can withstand falling heavily in practice as you walk a lot in the mountains or the forest … Continue reading