Around with helmets

I read in an article, which according to a study in the UK 40% of motorbike drivers wear helmets that should have been removed long ago. Either because they have suffered an impact that knocked out by its loss condition or because they have exceeded the expiration date established in five years. According to the same article should apply the saying strictly that if you drop a helmet, you should remove it because it might not be as secure as needed in the event of an impact.

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How to cut your dog’s nails?

It is necessary to cut the nails of your dog for several reasons.

First, the animal is hampered in his movements, then it is not aesthetic, and finally, when you play with him, it claws (girls forget your tights)!

Usually, the vet can cut. Only if it considers that the dog’s claws are too thick or too difficult to cut. You can also do it yourself because it’s really not complicated! Unless the dog is not allowed to do! Or you can look for the best dog clippers such as Wireless Body Andis. It is very helpful. Continue reading