How to choose Playtex Baby Bottles?

Playtex always understands the importance of the babies, who become the future generation of the country. In fact, it is that; and there is a reason why Playtex is being enjoyed using all over the world. In half a century, Playtex has complete their task a perfect way.

After many years of learning and studying – with the desire to bring the best thing for babies, Playtex was and is constantly improved. We are easy to look for the various baby bottles from this brand. Via those years, Playtex has become an essential part of human’s lives, especially, the early-developing stages of the babies. Actually, Playtex provides plenty of bottle models, in particular,…

#1. Playtex nurser bottles

This item works like an ideal holder to contain milk of the baby. The cause makes mothers enjoy using this Playtex nurse – the disposability, the hassle-free feature, and the warm capacity. With this model, sterilizing is easy – you just need to do with the nipple and assemble ring – the best bottle sterilizer Click here

#2. Drop-ins premium nurser

It can say that there is an upgrade version of the original nurse. This design creates the real feeling similar to mother’s breast for babies. In additional to that, the disposable bag liners enable mothers to squeeze the excessive air. Like that, the baby will not feel discomfort after feeding.

#3. Drop-ins

These bottles are easy to use, thanks to less gas and disposability, it will not have many effects your baby. It can say that Drop-Ins is the most favorite compared to other brands of the baby bottle.

#4. Playtex ventaire

With the unique design, this product is appreciated – reliable. Even, it is proven that can prevent the digestive issues.

#5. Playtex ventAire advanced wide

There is also a product that has received the positive feedbacks from moms. If you have learned about it, you will know it proven to decrease spit up, colic, and gas.

#6. Playtex glass

Do you know that today’s mothers are among the first to check this model – it is also the first product of caring baby of Playtex.

#7. Playtex spill-proof training cup

This baby bottle product of Playtex is proven the ability to prevent leakage. Playtex spill-proof training cup has owned the airtight, which helps you free from worrying about spilling all day.

#8. Playtex drop-ins original nurser

Frequently, the mothers of different generations utilize this model. It is one of the few bottles, which bring the convenience in comparison with the available items on the market today. It is noticed that this model has owned the Playtex signature of minimizing air taken in the tummy of the baby when sucking.


#9. Playtex Evenflo

There is a disposable bottle, which is suitable for sterilizing and washing the feeding gears of the baby, especially, in the long journeys. What a great an innovation for those who move!

#10. Playtex starter nurser set

Similar to number #9, this Playtex set helps save time for busy mothers. It seems that it is designed for minimizing the hard things for moms.

#11. Playtex drop-in nursers bottle

Wow! The nipples are provided with many different shapes, so the baby can experience what nipple is the closest to his/her mom’s breast. So good! Plus, the liners also contribute to preventing the air from the outside into the tummy of the baby. The hollow bottom should be the warmth – extremely quick!

#12. Einstein 9oz. insulated straw cup

Instead of designing with a nipple, this model is a lead-free-training bottle along with a straw. It will give your baby the first lesson of drink without sucking that is to straw as an adult.

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