All of us understand that the most important factor to choose a pair of shoe is comfort. I get two different opinions here. In first opinion, a shoe with neutral stability is the most suitable one with the runners while in the second opinion, people can run easier with no shoe (I mean barefoot run). However, there are still some agree ideas in the below tips:

  1. You should spend more time to run with barefoot:You should spend 2 or 3 sessions every week to run with barefoot. This will help your feet to be strengthened. Moreover, this will protect you from plantar fasciitis. As our expert, you should run or walk with barefoot as much as possible. You will be the true world – class runner if you can handle ten minutes of running with barefoot.
  2. Your plantar fascia and your toes should be strengthened: Do you know the game Hungry hungry hippos? In order to strengthen the toes and plantar fascia, you should do some action like this game. You stand your foot on a cloth or towel, then you pull it under the foot by your toes gradually. Next, you can push the towel back on flat. Or you can do this action with weights of the towel edge. In addition, you can spread some rocks on the floor and try to pick them up by your toes. Alternatively, you can try to take a slightly approach with more complex. This will focus on your myofascial release.

You should wear a pair of comfortable shoes: The runners should feel balanced when wearing shoes. If you are a high arches runner, you should wear high arches running shoes. If the shoes are over or under supported, the muscles of your lower leg will exert more efforts and this will make the shoes become less comfortable. You should pay attention to the coddling of the arch with a lot of support. The job of arches is to control the landing force. Therefore, if you block the arches, it will lose the springiness. Nowadays, the very popular shoes are super flat one. It will have a heel drop from zero to four millimeter. If you like to go with flatter shoes, you shoud make sure to work with a shoe of more horizontal over a couple months.

Some mistake on choosing a pair of shoes.

Mistake 1: You always buy a pair of shoes that is too small. You have to remember that a very tight and fit shoe will cause blisters and hurt toes and many kind of thing. Many women like to wear the shoes close – fitting because they are often guess size of the feet. In that case, I would recommend that you should buy a shoe that you can play a piano by the forefoot, nearly 0.5 inch but not too sloppy.

Mistake 2: Many people tend to go shopping not at the good time of a day. In the morning, a lot of people come to the store and choose the shoe. After buying this shoe, they come back in the following day and said that this shoe is very small when they wear it at 5 pm. Well, problem here is that your feet usually swell in the morning and up to 4 pm. Therefore, I recommend the best time to buy a shoe is in the afternoon after 4 pm to the evening.

I hope that you can choose the best shoe for your running. The best shoe will help you feel more comfortable when running.

by rubyspencer

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