The famous royal tombs of Hue City

Vietnam is a country that is rich in tourist attractions and rich in history. One of the must see tourist spots in Vietnam is the Hue City, which is located in the central part of Vietnam. The Hue City is known as the former imperial capital of Vietnam. Have you ever wondered what makes this city important in tourisms? You must know that it will be a great experience if you can reach the Hue City, a simple, quiet and a perfect spot for a short holiday in Vietnam.

In the city of Hue, you will find the Royal Tombs of the Emperors. Some might be feeling some sort of fear upon reading or hearing the word tomb, but there is nothing to be afraid of. The Tomb of the Emperors in the Hue City is one of its landmarks and tourists from different parts of the world come and check them out.

Where are these tombs located anyway? You can get to the tombs in the southern part of the city through the Perfume River. It is best to come and visit the tombs during the Autumn Season, so that you can feel and appreciate the scent of the Perfume River, where the flowers from the orchard are falling.

The Tomb of Hue City

You can find the Tomb of Gia Long, who was the first Emperor of the Nguyen reign, and that is 25 miles from the Hue City. You will also find the Tomb of Minh Mang, which is 7miles from the city and is located at the east-west part of the building. It is surrounded by statues, temples and pavilions. The Tomb of Thieu Tri, which is 5 miles from the Hue City and was built in 1848. Emperor Thieu Tri reigned for 7 years and they said that he was the emperor that people loved most. The Tomb of Tu Duc is 4 miles from Hue City and was built in 1864-1867.

Emperor Tu Duc has a poetic and contemplative nature, which reflected in the landscapes and building arrangements. The Tomb of Dong Khanh is 2.5 miles from the city and was built in 1917. As of 2015, it is just the entrance gate and the façade of the temple are accessible. Lastly, the Tomb of Khai Dinh that is 6 miles from the Hue City and was built in 1925 with French design, so you will find a mix Eastern and Western architecture. This is the most visited spot because it is more accessible by land transportation.

The other Royal Tombs are the Tombs of Emperor Duc Duc, Emperor Thanh Thai and Emperor Duy Tan are located 1.44 miles from the city and was built in 1883. So that all Tomb you can explore when visit Hue city. You should book a tour to Hue city from Viet Fun Travel company in Ho Chi Minh city.

Those are the Royal Tombs of the Hue City that you may check out when you come and visit the place. Many tourists are dropping by to give these Royal Tombs a visit. So, when you have the chance to come to Vietnam and arriving the Hue City, then drop by and see the tombs for your experience.

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